Green Deal showing real momentum says Barker

The lastest monthly Green Deal figures for the month of March have shown quite a dramatic increase in the number of assessments lodged, compared to those during the previous month. 

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) March saw a 332% increase in the number of assessments carried out as part of the Government’s energy efficiency scheme, with 7,465 assessments lodged. It’s a massive jump on February’s figures: in the first full month of the Green Deal just 1,729 assessments took place, and in January a mere 74. Since the scheme was introduced back in January, there has been 9,268 Green Deal assessments.

Both individuals and businesses alike are starting to embrace the scheme, which aims to tackle Britain’s poorly insulated ageing housing stock by offering homeowners the opportunity to make their homes more efficient, and lower their energy bills, without having to shell out for the measures upfront. DECC’s figures have revealed that more than a thousand inviduals have been approved to carry out Green Deal assessments, with 108 companies officially certified as Green Deal assessors. They work alongside 831 approved Green Deal installers, and 48 authorised Green Deal providers.

Energy and Climate Change minister Greg Barker is encouraged by the latest figures, saying it shows “real momentum”. He said in a statement: “9,268 Green Deal assessments taking place in just over two months is very encouraging and shows a genuine interest from consumers.”

There is currently no data as to the number of assessments which have actually been converted into Green Deal finance packages. These figures aren’t expected to be published until the summer at the earliest.

In related news, the Green Deal Finance Company officially opened for business yesterday (11 April), offering Green Deal plans with an annual interest rate of 6.96% initially. Finance plans are also subject to a one-off set up charge of £63 and will cost £20 a year to operate.

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