Green Deal Must Include Renewable Heating Technologies

One of the UK’s leading green energy specialists is urging the Government to include renewable heating technologies in its flagship Green Deal.

According to Stiebel Eltron, a solar PV and heat pump manufacturer, to include renewable heating products in the Green Deal would be a huge boost for the industry.

Rather than an upfront lump sum, providing consumers with the opportunity to pay back the cost of installing the technologies would likely do wonders, in terms of encouraging people to take up the renewable technologies.

Stiebel Eltron UK’s technical director, John Felgate said the company is working towards presenting the Department of Energy and Climate Change with evidence pertaining to the need to include heat pumps in the Green Deal.

“Under the Green Deal consumers will be able to make their property more energy efficient and pay costs back through instalments in their energy bill,” said Mr Felgate.

“However, when the RHI comes out consumers will still have to fork out a large sum upfront for renewable heating technology – something many are unable to do,” he said.

Mr Felgate is urging Charles Hendry, the Minister for Energy and Climate Change, to consider how viable it would be to implement a long-term payback plan, which would need to be in place by October 2012; for the launch of the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Green Deal.

Stiebel Elton is also championing for a sole independent body which would be capable of delivering impartial advice on renewables.

“It can be a confusing marketplace and there are a wide range of technologies such as heat pumps, solar and biomass, all with different benefits,” said Mr Felgate, who added that the Energy Saving Trust was no longer the independent body it once was.

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