Construction Industry Given Green Deal Warning

The construction industry has been warned by a construction industry group that it faces the risk of becoming a “second-tier supplier” under the Government’s Green Deal.

According to research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group (CIMCIG), construction runs the risk of becoming a second tier supplier to retailers and energy companies, with just 35% of product manufacturers viewing the Green Deal as an important opportunity for the industry.

The ‘Taking Sustainability to the Consumer’ report – compiled through interviews with 100 manufacturers and installers – will be something of a wake-up call to builders and manufacturers. Revealing that many in the industry seem to be unprepared when it comes to meeting the future demands for sustainable products and services, the  survey found that as it stands, only 31% of manufacturers currently have sustainable products available.

As well as outlining the growing number of legislation and initiatives designed to encourage consumer demand for sustainable products, the report also emphasised just how pivotal it is for marketers to develop effective marketing techniques. Whilst the Government is committed to the Green Deal, says the report, builders and manufacturers must adopt a marketing approach in order to inform and motivate home owners and to capitalise on opportunities.

The report went on to reveal that:

  • No single section of the construction industry can work in isolation. To create an effective supply chain, contractors, manufacturers, trade associations and wholesalers must all work together.
  • Energy firms and and major retailers recognise the opportunity the Green Deal presents and have already started to act. However, the construction sector continues to remain sceptical about the Green Deal and its success.
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