Colds calls and junk mail turning people off Green Deal

According to Energy Saving Trust research homeowners are being bombarded by irrelevant and poorly targeted marketing information in the wake of the Green Deal launch, and it’s putting them off. 

Targeted marketing is going to be key to Green Deal uptake, but rather than encouraging people to take part in the energy efficiency scheme cold calling, junk mail and spam email is proving to be a real turn off for consumers. The Energy Saving Trust surveyed more than 2,000 UK households and discovered that a third of are being sent inappropriate marketing information on a daily basis, with a whopping 80% targeted with irrelevant information once a week at least.

When it came to the methods employed, phone calls proved to be the most popular means of communication; half of the surveys participants were contacted by telephone. Direct Mail accounted for 37% while 36% of people had a salesperson knock at their door. 16% of homeowners had received spam email.

The EST found that energy efficiency measures are in demand but although households are keen to implement energy efficient home improvements one in five are confused about which sort of Green Deal measures would benefit them the most. Installing new energy efficient double glazing is a popular choice with homeowners, with 44% expressing an interest in new glazing, while 45% of those surveyed said they were keen to better insulate their homes. Surprisingly, just 39% said they wanted to fit a new energy efficient boiler.

In light of their survey – conducted between 28th September and 2nd October 2012, the EST is advising businesses to target consumers more accurately if they want to be successful in encouraging uptake of the scheme.

Commenting on the results of the survey Chief Executive Philip Sellwood said that “targeting, targeting, targeting” was key to selling Green Deal home improvements successfully: “Catching homeowners at the right time with the right energy efficiency measure for their home has always been crucial for business, and will continue to be the case under the Green Deal.”

He added that while there is clearly a market out there as more households are realising the benefits of running an energy efficient home, it’s vital to build up consumer trust through sending out information that is relevant to them. And by marketing more efficiently businesses will be able to save money.

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